Fiscal Responsibility in Government

It is time for Nebraskans to refuse Governor Ricketts’ corporate agenda.

  • Deliberate budget shortfalls have been used to strangle state government.
    • These shortfalls are created artificially by irresponsibly cutting taxes.
  • Governor Ricketts uses deceptive tactics to justify imprudent spending cuts, weakening the services provided by state government.
    • Look to Kansas and Oklahoma for the governor’s blueprint.

It is time to stop Governor Ricketts from pushing Nebraska off a fiscal cliff.


Expanding Silicon Prairie

Tyler is enthusiastic about promoting Midwest startups, entrepreneurs, and venture capital investments in Nebraska.

Public policy should:

  • Foster an environment that allows startup companies to develop relationships with both universities and large corporations in our state.
  • Incentivize intrastate collaboration between tech companies in Lincoln and Omaha to improve our ranking within Silicon Prairie.
  • Create favorable conditions for the exchange of new ideas.
  • Encourage local talent to remain in Nebraska.


Improving Our Rural Economy

Economic distress affects rural communities more severely than other segments of our society. He knows rural communities are in the midst of economic turmoil and neither political party is listening. 

According to legislators, Governor Ricketts is set to introduce legislation that would:

  • Rely on “revenue triggers” to automatically lower the state’s top income tax rate in years when Nebraska collects more revenue than expected.
  • Changes the way agricultural land is valued so it corresponds to a farmer’s potential (not actual) income.
  • Tyler fears small and family-owned farms will continue to disappear from Nebraska’s landscape unless we change course soon.

As Governor, Tyler Davis will assist Nebraskans in adaptation, modification, and innovation in order to ensure the protection of their heritage.