January 10th, 2018

State of the State Response: Tyler Davis for Governor

Governor Ricketts continues to march down the path of economic ruin that our neighbors to the south in the state of Kansas had experienced. Kansas was forced to reverse its slash-and-burn approach to state budgets and taxes when critical funding to schools and infrastructure were threatened. Based on today’s State-of-the-State, this is the future that our Governor wants for our people. His continued apathy for Nebraska’s budget shortfall, and willingness to cut to achieve short-term political gain will harm working families. Especially the hard working families of Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers who Governor Ricketts failed on property tax relief when we could’ve had a greater impact, and instead chose to defer to big corporations and his wealthy friends. Now on the eve of the largest tax overhaul in decades, he turns a blind eye to the example of Kansas Governor Brownback and looks to further sink our State into a funding crisis.

In Governor Ricketts’ plan, he tells us education and corrections are funding priorities, but faced with the prospect of continued budget freefall, this is only lip service on what should be saved on a sinking ship. Continued fiscal drain in our educational system, especially our universities, appears to align with our Governor’s opinion on public education, which is that he doesn’t like it. Public education is a vital avenue to help the everyday people of Nebraska gain better employment prospects during a time when many sectors face a labor shortage, and Governor Ricketts looks to narrow that road.

The tuition burden that continues to push the next generation of Nebraskans further into student debt is real, and affects everyone, especially those who come from middle or lower class backgrounds. Undoubtedly, student debt, an issue that Governor Ricketts never had to personally worry about, was not a priority, which is probably why the topics of rising tuition or student debt weren’t mentioned once.

Nebraska’s place as one of the best states to live in the country, is no excuse not to address the systemic issues of poverty, lack of access to education, and healthcare. Governor Ricketts forgot that to ensure Nebraska is the good life for all, that he needs to address the concerns which affect us all.

Where Governor Ricketts failed, a Governor Davis would succeed. Tyler Davis has a forward thinking policy that looks to raise the prospects of all Nebraskans, not just the wealthy few.

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